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The Multiple Affect Adjective Check List-Revised 
(MAACL-R) Scales

The five basic scales of the MAACL-R are listed below with sample adjectives.

Afraid, fearful, frightened, panicky, shaky, tense.

Alone, destroyed, forlorn, lonely, lost, miserable.

Annoyed, critical, cross, cruel, disagreeable.

Positive Affect
This scale measures a positively valenced state/trait of low arousal, or calm. Adjectives included are happy, joyful, and pleasant.

Sensation Seeking
This scale measures a positively valenced state/trait of arousal, or positive level of activation. Adjectives included are adventurous, daring, and energetic.

The two composite scales are: Dysphoria (Dys = A+D+H) and Positive Affect and Sensation Seeking (PASS = PA+SS). A diagnostic study has indicated that the score Dys-PA is effective in discriminating patients with affective disorders from other patients and clients.