DNS Outage

On October 21st 2016 at 11:10 UTC, a massive attack began on a domain name system (DNS) provider, Dyn Inc. Dyn powers not only EdITS, but also several popular websites, such as Twitter, Spotify, and Shopify, to name a few. While the motivations of the…

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Norms for the COPSystem Assessments

The 2009 norms for the COPSystem assessments are available. These data were gathered from 2004 through 2007, and are based on a sample of 22,691 students in grades 6-12. The National sample was aggregated based on a weighted population of students from four geographic regions…

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A Brief Summary of the Reliability and Validity of the COPSystem Assessments

A career guidance assessment program is a valuable way to increase self-awareness and professional competence among students and working adults. The COPSystem consists of the COPS Interest Inventory, the CAPS ability battery, and the COPES work values survey. All three are long established, reliable, and…

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Student Taking a Test
Stability of the COPS Interest Inventory Scores Between Eighth and Twelfth Grades

In an effort to provide longitudinal validity data for the COPSystem assessments, the COPS Interest Inventory was used to determine the stability of students’ interests from the eighth to the twelfth grade. The effectiveness of career exploration classes in high school was also examined. The…

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COPS-P, CAPS and COPES Validity

The COPS-P System is a career awareness program consisting of three measures: Professional Interests (COPS-P), abilities (CAPS), and work values (COPES). The COPS-P, CAPS, and COPES may be used together and summarized on a single profile, the COPS-P Comprehensive Career Guide. The following four tables…

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Implementing Standards-Based Classrooms

The purpose of the Practical Handbook to Standards-Based Classrooms and The Guide for Standards-Based Classrooms is to assist teachers in their professional development activities. The second edition has just been released with updated information and a new look! During the last several years, accountability targets…

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Work Values are Important in Career Selection

When individuals make a list of some of the important aspects of career selection they often take into account interests and job skills or abilities but overlook work values. Besides knowing the “3 R’s,” there are several important character traits or work values that lead…

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The Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Work Values in Career Development

Publication: Career Development Quarterly (2010) Article: Positive Adolescent Career Development: The Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Work Values Author: Hirschi, A. Research Area Career planning; changing career attitudes during a career exploration intervention/education program implemented in the 8th grade. What do we mean when we…

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The CAPS Helps Employers Identify Training Needs

The Bellwood assembly plant, of Borg-Warner Automotive Inc., administered the Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS) to measure job success and identify work-related areas that need improvement. The CAPS measures eight cognitive dimensions: Mechanical Reasoning, Spatial Relations, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Language Usage, Word Knowledge, Perceptual…

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Career Education for Students with Special Needs

Career education is important for all students and EdITS offers the Instructional Guide for Career Education kit, as part of the CERES program, to assist special needs students in acquiring skills for occupational planning. Since career education is a life-long process, instructional activities begin at…

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Student with laptops
The Link With Leverage

Standards-based report cards use feedback to improve achievement Remember back to your report cards days? Did you ever find yourself wondering how you received a certain grade? Perhaps you were shocked to see you were marked down when you thought you had worked hard, done…

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The Difference Between the COPS-R and the COPS

The Career Occupational Preference System, Form-R (COPS-R), is an alternate form of the COPS. This interest assessment is more appropriate for examinees who have difficulty reading at an eighth grade reading-level. The norms for the COPS-R are combined for males and females, and survey questions…

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Higher Levels of Academic Interest and Study Methods Increase Student Success

Researchers in two studies used the Study Attitudes and Methods Survey (SAMS) to examine the effects of non-traditional schedules on academic achievement and motivation. In the first study, students in a multi-year schedule were contrasted with students in a traditional schedule (Snyder, 1999). A multi-year…

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Career Education for Everyone

Many U.S. school districts are structuring their secondary schools around career pathways and emphasizing the importance of career education for a myriad of reasons, some of which include the premise that coursework relevance helps student performance and decreases dropout rates. One way to integrate career…

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Career Counseling Benefits Society

America’s Career Resource Network Association (ACRNA) supports the importance of career counseling for students and society as a whole. In their report, ACRNA outlines the educational, social and economic benefits of comprehensive career counseling in schools. Providing students with a comprehensive career education program points…

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