COPSystem 3C FAQs

Administrative Structure

Question: How do administrators at my school/organization use the COPSystem 3C?

Answer: The administrative structure of the COPSystem 3C is multi-tiered. You may deploy the COPSystem 3C at your school/organization by giving each administrator different levels of access.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • There are three levels of administrators: Supervisors, Site Administrators, and Counselors

  • All administrators are able to create examinees, assign tests, and work directly with examinees. The primary difference is that lower-level administrators may not be able to view other administrators’ examinees

  • Counselors are only able to work with those examinees who are directly affiliated with them (i.e., examinees they have invited)

Creating Examinee Accounts

Question: How do my students/clients sign up for the COPSystem 3C?

Answer: In order to take assessments, students/clients must first create an examinee account.

There are three ways to create these accounts:

  1. The first option is to invite your students/clients to join the COPSystem 3C by sending them an automatic invite from your administrator account so that they can create an examinee account on their own. This invitation automatically assigns all three COPSystem assessments at the time they create an account. This method is recommended by EdITS.

  2. The second option is to invite examinees using the “Instructions for COPSystem 3C Examinee Account Creation” email provided to you by EdITS (if you did not receive the instructions directly from EdITS, please invite your examinees via email, as described in option 1). You may distribute copies of the the email to any individual that you would like to have register for an examinee account. The email contains instructions for creating an examinee account as well as a link with your unique 7-digit code that will link them to your administrator account. When you use this option your examinees will automatically be assigned all three assessments.

  3. The third option is to create examinee accounts for your students/clients yourself.

Assigning Tests

Question: How do I assign tests to examinees, once they have successfully registered for the COPSystem 3C?

Answer: It is only possible to assign tests to your students/clients if they have already registered for the COPSystem 3C by creating an examinee account.

It is important to remember that examinee accounts are always linked to the counselor account of the person who assumes the role of a proctor. Therefore, an administrator is only able to assign tests to an examinee if she/he is linked to the examinee, either as their counselor or as another more senior level administrator from the institution.

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Question: I am an administrator, how do I view/take tests? Does the administrator who created my account also have to assign tests to me?

Answer: No. A nice feature of the COPSystem 3C is that every administrator account is automatically assigned the COPSystem assessments. We do this so that every administrator has the opportunity to view and take the assessments in the same manner as their examinees.

In order to access your assessments you must sign in at the examinee sign in page.

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Editing My Account

Question: How do I change my personal account information, such as my username or password?

Answer: Changing your account information is easy. After you have successfully signed in to your account, click on ACCOUNT in the upper-right corner of your screen to access user account information. Update your account information. Once you have made all of your changes in the appropriate fields, select the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

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