Applied Vocational Math Series

The Applied Vocational Math Series addresses the fundamentals commonly found in general or basic math texts for the 6th-10th grades.

Each book in the series covers:

  • Whole Numbers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals/Percentages
  • Measurements
  • Geometric Figures
  • Ratios and Equations
Vocational Math Series

Each book in the series presents problems in terms of one particular occupation. These books capture the attention of students who have a hard time getting interested in more traditional texts. In addition to occupationally themed word problems, each book contains drills (practice problems) in identical order so that students can use the books on different topics but learn the same math concepts at the same time in a single classroom.

This unique series works as basic curriculum or as a supplement to the material you currently use.


Applied Vocational Math Series

Item Code & Quantity Price
Mathematics Through Construction* BKS-MTH-CON $ 15.50
Mathematics Through Home Management* BKS-MTH-HMT $ 15.50
Mathematics Through Sports* BKS-MTH-SPT $ 15.50
Mathematics Through Retail Sales* BKS-MTH-RTS $ 15.50
Mathematics Through Auto Mechanics* BKS-MTH-AUM $ 15.50
* Includes answer book

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