Range: Ages 5-12, Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Career Education Responsive to Every Student

  • Integrate career concepts into your existing curriculum
  • Help students discover the relationship between getting basic skills and getting a great job
  • Get parents and others in the community invested and involved in each student’s future

Career Education Responsive to Every Student (CERES) is a full line of career education materials for grades K-12. It is a flexible program designed to work with existing curriculum providing a means of infusing career education into basic skills instruction. The curriculum lessons focus on connecting academic abilities to the workplace, while helping students develop knowledge about career options and the U.S. economic system. CERES is a nationally validated K-12 school-to-career program that integrates nine career education competencies (the CERES Guidance Goals) throughout the curriculum.

The CERES Elementary Materials

The CERES program offers an individual Teacher’s Guide for each grade level K-6. The Teacher’s Guides feature interesting activities that can be tailored to your classroom practices. Guides include a separate section for each of the CERES Guidance Goals. Each section is filled with flexible activities, and useful information including lists of age-appropriate reading material to complement class instruction and promote reading and vocabulary skills. Student Workbooks are available for each grade level and are designed to accompany the activities in the Teacher’s Guides. Additional Workbooks may be purchased as needed.

The Ultra Deluxe Elementary Grade Level Teacher Set is purchased by grade level. This set includes, by grade: a Teacher’s Guide, a Reality Land Guide, a Survival Kit, 15 consumable student Workbook sets and 15 Career Education Tests.

The Deluxe Elementary Grade Level Teacher Set is purchased by grade level. This set includes, by grade: a Teacher’s Guide, Survival Kit and 15 consumable student Workbook sets.

Teacher’s Guides and consumable Workbooks are available for separate purchase by grade level. Also available are Attitudinal Competency Posters, which is a set of 7 posters, each listing appropriate grade level attitudinal competencies.

CERES Guidance Goals

Basic Skill Integration Guidance

Acquire knowledge of one's self — physical characteristics, interests, aptitudes, abilities, and attitudes.

Attitude Development
Develop positive attitudes toward — self and others, learning, work, leisure, and individual and cultural differences.

Career Awareness and Exploration
Develop an early and continuing awareness of career options and opportunities and explore them in relation to interests, aptitudes, and values.

Consumer Competencies
Acquire knowledge and skills to make wise consumer decisions.

Education Awareness
Recognize that all educational experiences are integrated with total career development and preparation.

Economic Awareness
Develop an awareness of economic systems.

Career Planning and Decision Making
Acquire decision-making skills and apply them to personal career development.

Career Preparation
Develop competencies needed for entry into the next educational or occupational level.


CERES Elementary Materials, Grades K - 6

Item Code & Quantity Price
Ultra Deluxe Elementary Grade Level Teacher Set* CER-UDE-ELM $ 285.75
Deluxe Elementary Grade Level Teacher Set* CER-DXE-ELM $ 253.75
Teacher's Guide* CER-TG $ 59.00
Additional Consumable Workbooks*
15 Workbook Sets
5 Workbook Sets
1 Workbook Set



Attitudinal Competency Posters CER-POS-K6 $ 12.75
* Please specify grade level, K - 6

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