What is the COPSystem?

The COPSystem is a series of career assessments that will help you explore the world of work and help you use your education and training to meet your career goals.

The COPS Interest Inventory focuses on common job tasks from a variety of industries. The CAPS ability battery provides valuable information about job related abilities. The COPES work values survey allows you to explore different work environments to discover which are compatible with your personality.

Why use the COPSystem Career Assessments?

Social media, television, and the internet have exposed us to a huge variety of occupational choices. With so many options available, narrowing the vast pool of prospects down to areas you might excel in and enjoy is more important than ever. Wise career decisions are based upon information about yourself. What job activities do I like or dislike? What abilities do I have? What are my work values and how do they fit my profile? The COPSystem will help you explore jobs that match your unique career profile. Find out the occupational clusters that are well suited to you and tailor your education and training to accomplish your career goals. It is never too early or too late to assess your potential.

Time Effective

  • COPS (interests), 20 minutes
  • CAPS (abilities), 50 minutes
  • COPES (values), 20 minutes

Cost Effective

  • The cost to register for one individual use of the COPSystem is $19.50

Information and Pricing

The COPSystem 3C consists of three assessments that are well established and proven to help job seekers.

The total cost for an individual use of the COPSystem is $19.50.

Your responses on each assessment will generate a personalized career profile that is organized around groups of jobs categorized into occupational clusters.

Your top career areas are ranked and then linked to major sources of occupational information, related activities, skills needed, college majors, school planning, and available training programs.

Note: The COPSystem 3C requires an uninterrupted connection to the Internet. Please contact our Technical Support Team at support@edits.net if you have any questions.