The COPSystem Comprehensive Career Guidebook and Leader’s Guide are designed to provide in-depth interpretation of the COPSystem inventory results and to promote self-discovery, career exploration, and educational planning. Designed for use in career units or courses, these items may be purchased and used together or separately.

The Guidebook leads students through the scoring and interpretation of the COPS, CAPS, and COPES, as well as the Study Attitudes and Methods Survey (SAMS). This 124-page workbook is full of activities that encourage students to consider personal characteristics in relation to occupations. Students will not only gain knowledge, but will also actively acquire academic and job related skills.

The 92 page Leader’s Guide includes lesson plans, occupational information and other aids for career education.


Comprehensive Career Guidebook

Item Code & Quantity Price
Guidebooks* (set of 25) COP-GUI-025 $ 219.75
Leader's Guide** (with purchase of 25 Guidebooks) COP-LGI $ 10.50
Guidebook and Leader's Guide (text) COP-GUI $ 55.75
* When using the COPSystem inventories with the Guidebook you do not need to purchase any Self-Interpretation Profile and Guides or Comprehensive Career Guides.
** The Leader's Guide is available with the Guidebook at no charge with the purchase of 100 or more Guidebooks.

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