COPSystem Machine Scoring

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Computer interpretation of the COPSystem assessments is extended by means of the Comprehensive Career Guide which aids the participant in utilizing the results towards realizing and planning career goals. Specific job Clusters with sample occupations are provided along with a summary worksheet and a special section enabling the participant to program course work over a period of four years or more.

Please note that results are returned in the order in which they are sent to us for scoring. Results are mailed within ten business days after receipt of Answer Sheets for analysis. The minimum billing is $10.00.

Interests, Abilities, & Values: COPSystem Scoring

Basic Individual Report* Age Range Code Price
COPS Interest Inventory 12-adult COP-SCR $ 2.25 each
CAPS Ability Battery 13- adult CAP-SCR $ 2.25 each
COPES Work Values 12- adult CPE-SCR $ 2.25 each
File Copy (per inventory) $ .50
COPSystem Combined Report combined interest, abilities, and values* COP-SCR-SYS $ 5.50 each
COPSystem combined with file copy of computer printout* $ 6.25 each

*Career Guides are included with computer printout.
Prices are per examinee. Minimum order $10.00, or at least five sheets.