COPSystem Support Materials

EdITS offers a variety of helpful and relevant products to enhance your career guidance program.

Support Material includes:

Pocket Charts

The Pocket Charts display all 14 COPSystem Career Clusters. Printed in 2¾ x 4¼ inch booklet format, the Pocket Charts are an ideal take-home handout that may be used for personal reference.

Item Code & Quantity Price
Pocket Cluster Charts COP-PCC-025

Wall Charts

The Wall Charts are double-sided with graphic representation of a career Cluster on one side, and full color illustration on the other side. Each poster represents one of the 14 COPSystem Career Clusters. Printed on laminated stock, the 22" x 15" charts are color-coded to the Clusters for quick reference and use with other supplementary material. Hang the Wall Charts in a career center or classroom during your career unit.

Item Code & Quantity Price
Set of 14 Wall Charts COP-WCC-ILL $ 60.25

Career Cluster Booklets Kit

Each of the COPSystem Career Cluster Booklets introduces one of the COPSystem Career Clusters and provides detailed information about that Cluster and its subclusters. The Cluster Booklet Kit contains information for every job listed in the COPSystem interpretive material. Each Kit contains 4-5 Booklets for every Cluster. Clusters are separated by cards that list up to 1000 additional job titles in that area. While quantities last you may purchase this kit for $30.00.

Item Code & Quantity Price
Career Cluster Booklets Kit COP-CCB $ 30.00