• Range: Grades 6 - 12, college and adult
  • Norms: High school or college
  • Administration Time:
    • COPS (interests), 20 minutes
    • CAPS (abilities), 50 minutes
    • COPES (values), 30 minutes
  • Scoring Options: Self-scoring in booklets, approximately one hour

Global Career Evaluation for Individuals

  • Counsel adults making a career change
  • Assist those new to or re-entering the job market
  • Use to explore career options on your own

The MATCH self-evaluation program develops educational and career planning skills. It empowers clients to discover personal interests, abilities, and values while providing access to thousands of potential occupations. Designed for self-administration, scoring and interpretation, MATCH includes the COPS, CAPS, and COPES assessments with an easy-to-use Self-Evaluation Guide.


MATCH Self-Scoring

Item Code & Quantity Price
Self-Scoring Form
(includes all COPSystem Booklets: COPS interests, CAPS abilities, COPES values, and Self-Evaluation Guide)

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