Dimensions of Self-Concept (DOSC)

The Dimensions of Self-Concept (DOSC) is a self-report survey for measuring non-cognitive factors that are associated with self-esteem or self-concept in the school setting. It is a useful tool to assess a students’ self-esteem, promote self-awareness, and help them improve academic performance.


  • Norm referenced for fourth grade through college
    • Form E – 4th-6th grade, 70 items
    • Form S – 7th-9th grade, 70 items
    • Form S – 10th-12th grade, 70 items
    • Form H – college, 80 items
  • Administration Time:
    • 20-40 minutes of response time for elementary school students
    • 15-35 minutes of response time for secondary and college examinees
    • Total administration time should not exceed 55 minutes
  • Scoring Options: Hand-scoring using directions in the Manual


Level of Aspiration

Reflects behavior patterns that portray the degree to which achievement levels and academic activities are consistent with students' perceptions of their scholastic potentialities.


Reflects behavior patterns and perceptions associated with emotional instability, lack of objectivity and heightened or exaggerated concern about tests and preserving self-esteem in relation to academic performance.

Academic Interest and Satisfaction

Portrays the degree of intrinsic motivation, involving love of learning for its own sake gained by students in doing academic work and in studying new subject matter.

Leadership and Initiative

Represents those behavior patterns and perceptions that are associated with star-like qualities, such as when a student demonstrates mastery of knowledge, willingness, and ability to help and give guidance to others, and takes pride without display of conceit in the capability of doing a job quickly and well.

Identification vs. Alienation

Represents the extent to which a student feels accepted by the academic community and respected by teachers and peers for his or her own personal worth and integrity as opposed to feeling isolated or rejected by the academic environment.


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