by Everett L. Shostrom
  • Forms: POD, POI, CRI, PAI
  • Range: Adults
  • Length: Varies
  • Norms: Adult
  • Administration Time: 2 - 3 hours

What is “Self-Actualizing”?

The concept of self-actualizing is central to Everett Shostrom’s work and his development of the Actualizing Assessment Battery (AAB). Building on Maslow’s ideas, Shostrom developed a theory of self-actualizing that he defined statistically as a process, as an ethic, and as a therapeutic and educational model.

Self-actualizing is…an active process of being and becoming increasingly inner-directed and integrated at the levels of thinking, feeling, and bodily response…a process of moving from normal manipulation toward growth, development, and the unfolding of human potential…

Everett L. Shostrom — Actualizing Therapy

These ideas remain relevant and useful, in forming both theory and practice in a variety of disciplines. The concept of the self-actualizing individual is currently being utilized in areas that range from therapy and academic research to corporate studies of consumer behavior.


AAB Materials

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Sample AAB Packet (Includes sample Booklet, Answer Sheet and Manual for each AAB instrument plus one prepaid scoring.) AAB-SAM $ 30.25
AAB Interpretation Brochure (For use in local scoring of POI, CRI and PAI.)* AAB-PRG-025

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