Assessment Scoring

Complete computer scoring and reporting service are available for all clinical, institutional, and school applications of EdITS instruments. The scoring and reporting service includes scoring of answer sheets and plotting of individual profiles. Individual printouts are generated for each examinee along with a summary of means and variances by group. Upon request, results may be sent electronically. Several electronic methods are available for reporting results depending on your needs so please contact us with any questions you may have. Note that results are returned in the order sent to us for scoring. Minimum scoring charge is $10.00.


Scoring Service Age Range Code Price
CPS Comrey Personality Scales 16 - Adult CPS-SCR $ 2.25 each
EPI Eysenck Personality Inventory 16 - Adult EPI-SCR $ 2.25 each
EPQ-R Eysenck Personality Questionnaire-Revised 16 - Adult EPR-SCR $ 2.25 each
JEPQ Junior Eysenck Personality Questionnaire 7 - 16 JPI-SCR $ 2.25 each
POI Personal Orientation Inventory 15 - Adult POI-SCR $ 2.25 each


Scoring Service Age Range Code Price
BSAG Bristol Social Adjustment Guides 5 - 16 BSG-SCR $ 2.25 each
DOSC Dimensions of Self Concept 9 - 18 DSC-SCR $ 2.25 each
DOSC-W Dimensions of Self Concept Form W Adult DSC-SCR $ 2.25 each
SEPS School Environment Preference Survey 13 - Jr. College SPS-SCR $ 2.25 each
SAMS Study Attitudes and Methods Survey 13 - College SAM-SCR $ 2.25 each


Scoring Service Age Range Code Price
MAACL-R Multiple Affect Adjective Check List-Revised 16 - adult MCR-SCR $ 2.25 each

Marriage & Family Therapy

Scoring Service Age Range Code Price
AAB Actualizing Assessment Battery Adult AAB-SCR $ 10.00 each
CRI Caring Relationship Inventory Adult CRI-SCR $ 2.25 each
PAI Pair Attraction Inventory Adult PAI-SCR $ 2.25 each

POI Results Sample

POI Results Sample