• Range: High school, college, and adult
  • Length: 100 items
  • Norms: U.S. college and adult, Australian
  • Administration Time: 20 - 30 minutes
  • Scoring Options: Hand-scoring using the Hand-scoring Instructions

The CPS Short Form consists of 100 items. This form has the same scales as the standard CPS but has fewer items per scale.

CPS Scales

Validity Check
Higher scores are suggestive of an invalid record.

Response Bias
High scores indicate a tendency to answer questions in a socially desirable way, making the respondent look like a "nice" person.

Trust vs. Defensiveness
High scores indicate a belief in the basic honesty, trustworthiness, and good intentions of other people.

Orderliness vs. Lack of Compulsion
Higher scores are characteristic of careful, meticulous, orderly, and highly organized individuals.

Social Conformity vs. Rebelliousness
Individuals with high scores accept the society as it is, resent nonconformity in others, seek the approval of society, and respect the law.

Activity vs. Lack of Energy
High scoring individuals have a great deal of energy and endurance, work hard, and strive to excel.

Emotional Stability vs. Neuroticism
High-scoring persons are free of depression, optimistic, relaxed, stable in mood, and confident.

Extraversion vs. Introversion
High-scoring individuals meet people easily, seek new friends, feel comfortable with strangers, and do not suffer from stage fright.

Mental Toughness vs. Sensitivity
High-scoring individuals tend to be rather tough-minded people who do not cry easily.

Empathy vs. Egocentrism
High-scoring individuals describe themselves as helpful, generous, sympathetic people who are interested in devoting their lives to the service of others.


CPS Short-Form Materials

Item Code & Quantity Price
Short Form Booklets with Answer Sheets Combined (hand-scoring) CPS-AHS-050-SH
Profile Sheets CPS-PRO-050-SH
Hand-Scoring Instructions for the CPS Short Form CPS-INS-SH $ 8.00
Manual & Handbook of Interpretations (for both Long and Short Forms) CPS-HBK $ 36.75

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