by Joseph Wolpe & Peter J. Lang
  • Forms: Standard
  • Range: Adult
  • Length: 108 items
  • Administration Time: 3 - 5 minutes
  • Scoring Options: Hand-scoring using directions in the Manual

Empower Clients to Overcome Fear

The Fear Survey Schedule (FSS) provides quantitative information about clients’ reactions to possible sources of maladaptive emotional reactions. The FSS is useful in tracing the antecedents of neurotic reactions and providing a basis for empowering clients to modify behavior.

FSS Scales

The FSS consists of a list of 108 stimulus situations to which it is unadaptive for an individual to have more than mild anxiety. Norms for the items are presented in the Manual for various samples and item sets. For example, Z scores may be generated for each question and there are separate norms for males and females, or scores may be examined based on six major groupings of the items. The categories for the groupings of items are as follows:

  • Animal
  • Social and Interpersonal
  • Tissue Damage / Illness and Death and Their Associations
  • Noises
  • Other Classical Phobias
  • Miscellaneous


FSS Materials

Item Code & Quantity Price
Response Forms and Manual FSS-AHS-025

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