by Everett L. Shostrom
  • Forms: Male and Female
  • Range: Adult
  • Length: 224 items
  • Norms: Adult
  • Administration Time: 30 – 45 minutes
  • Scoring Options: Hand-scoring using directions in the Manual

Help Your Clients Understand and Improve Their Relationships

The Pair Attraction Inventory (PAI) measures factors contributing to mate and friend selection in male/female pairs. The PAI may be used as a stand-alone instrument or as part of the Actualizing Assessment Battery (AAB).

PAI Scales

The Symmetrical Pairings:

Hawks: The confronting relationship
Doves: The accommodating relationship


Rhythmic Score: The actualizing relationship

The Complementary Pairings:

Mother-Son: The nurturing relationship
Father-Daughter: The supporting relationship
Shrew-Nice Guy: The challenging relationship
Tyrant-Nice Gal: The educating relationship


PAI Materials

Item Code & Quantity Price
Booklets (Female)
Answer Sheets (same for Male or Female) PAI-AHS-050 $ 19.00
Profile Sheets (same for Male or Female) PAI-PRO-050 $ 17.75
Kit of Materials (includes: 3 Male Booklets, 3 Female Booklets, 50 Answer Sheets, 50 Profiles, and a Manual) PAI-KIT $ 29.75
Manual PAI-MAN $ 6.75

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