by Everett L. Shostrom
Now Available Online
  • Range: High school, college and adults
  • Length: 150 items
  • Norms: College and adult
  • Administration Time: 30 – 45 minutes
  • Scoring Options:Hand-scoring with overlay keys or web-based with immediate scoring
  • Language(s):English, Spanish (paper only), French (paper only)

Assess the Attitudes and Behavior of Self-Actualizing Adults

The Personal Orientation Inventory (POI) measures the attitudes and values of normal to high-functioning adults in terms of the concept of “self-actualizing.” When used in counseling or as a pre- and post-therapy measure, the POI provides a picture of an individual’s level of positive mental health.

In addition to therapeutic applications, the POI is useful in research, as well as employee development and studies of consumer behavior.

College norms are now available and are based on 242 individuals from 10 sites across the United States and Canada, and consist of 77 female and 165 male college students. Please specify whether you would like the college profile sheet when you place your order.

POI Scales

Major POI Scales

Time Competence (TC): The degree to which an individual identifies with the present.

Inner-Directed (I): The degree to which an individual is independent and self-supportive.

POI Ratios

Time Ratio: Time Incompetence/Time Competence - measures whether time orientation is primarily in the present or the past and/or future.

Support Ratio: Other-Directed/Inner-Directed - defines relative autonomy by assessing a balance between Other- and Inner-Directedness. Individuals who score high on the former tend to be dependent, whereas the latter tend to be self-willed.

Self-Actualizing Value (Sav): Measures affirmation of primary values of self-actualizing people.

Existentiality (Ex): Measures ability to situationally or existentially react.

Feeling Reactivity (Fr): Measures sensitivity of responsiveness to one's own needs and feelings.

Spontaneity (S): Measures freedom to react spontaneously to be oneself.

Self-Regard (Sr): Measures affirmation of self because of worth.

Capacity for Intimate Contact (C): Measures ability to develop contactful intimate relationships with other human beings, unencumbered by expectations and obligations.

Self-Acceptance (Sa): Measures affirmation of self or acceptance of self in spite of weaknesses or deficiencies.

Nature of Man-Constructive (Nc): Measures degree of the constructive view of the nature of man, masculinity, and femininity.

Synergy (Sy): Measures ability to be synergistic, to transcend dichotomies.

Acceptance of Aggression (A): Measures ability to accept one's natural aggressiveness as opposed to defensiveness, denial, and repression of aggression.


POI Materials

Item Code Quantity Price
EAP POI Web-Based (includes POI and results) EAP-411-025
500 +
EAP POI Web-Based (includes POI and suppressed results) EAP-401-025
500 +
Web-based Set-up fee (Initial set-up fee and one year of technical support) Set-up Fee $ 75.00
Reusable Test Booklets POI-RBK-025 $ 30.25
Answer Sheets (hand-scoring) POI-AHS-050
Profile Sheets (for use with hand-scoring answer sheets) POI-PRO-050
Hand-Scoring Stencils (set of 14) POI-KEY $ 60.50
Handbook for the POI POI-HBK $ 33.00
Manual POI-MAN $ 7.75
Specimen Set (Manual and one copy of all forms) POI-SPC $ 12.75

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