Study Attitudes and Methods Survey (SAMS)

The Study Attitudes and Methods Survey (SAMS) explores a students' motivation, study habits, and attitudes toward school. The SAMS is helpful in determining non-academic obstacles to school success, making it a valuable preparation exercise for college entrance and as a counseling tool at the high school level. The results of the SAMS (in conjunction with an ability test) can be used to advise students of the probability of school success and point out areas that need improvement.


  • Explore students’ attitudes, motivation, and study habits
  • Diagnose non-academic obstacles to school success
  • Promote student growth in areas vital for future success
  • Help improve school attitude


Academic Interest - Love of Learning

The sheer pleasure gained by students in studying and in doing academic work, and gaining great satisfaction in working in the library, in writing papers, and in reading the great books - an intrinsic motivation involving love of learning for its own sake.

Academic Drive - Conformity

A combination of both persistence, involving a high level of determination to succeed in academic work regardless of the amount of effort and time required; and a high degree of conformity insofar as it involves meeting institutional requirements and teachers’ expectations. A form of extrinsic motivation that will enhance the status and prestige of the student in academically oriented activities.

Study Methods

A systematic, organized, methodical, and well-planned set of working habits and procedures in meeting assignments and in taking examinations; effective study skills and techniques resulting in the optimal use of time and ability.

Study Anxiety

A marked concern over doing well in school assignments and examinations that reflects a lack of self-confidence and self-assurance; a tendency to be fearful that one’s level of competence in academic endeavors is not high enough, and to experience feelings of panic or even terror in taking examinations and in meeting the expectations of teachers and significant others in the academic setting.


An inclination to use power and influence to achieve one’s goals and to enhance one’s status even at the expense of the teacher to gain favorable treatment or special consideration.

Alienation Toward Authority

A feeling of being isolated or rejected in the academic environment manifested by hostility toward the academic institution and its members - teachers, administrators, and significant others as well as resentment and even defiance of rules and regulations.


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