EAP Overview for Administrators

EdITS Assessment Platform (EAP) is an assessment delivery platform designed for institutions, schools, and career counselors. The EAP enables you to administer assessments, manage examinees, and track results for all of your EdITS products. You can create groups of products and examinees (students or clients) and assign administrators to these groups. You can even customize an administrator’s permission level for each group. This gives you the ability to tailor the EAP to your organization.

How It Works

The EAP works by grouping products and people together. Think of these groups like classrooms in a school where you have teachers, students, and tests. In the EAP, the classroom is a group, the teachers are administrators, the students are examinees, and the tests are products. This school analogy does not mean the system is designed only for traditional schools. It is designed to accommodate any type of customer, be it a multi-site institution or a single counselor.

The first step to use EAP is to create a sign-in. Once the sign-in has been created you will have access to your EAP dashboard.

When you first sign into the dashboard, you will need to join a group in order to access any products or administrator features. To join a group as an administrator you must accept an email invitation. To join a group as an examinee, you can use either an email invitation or a token. See the Administrator Guide or Examinee Management for Administrators walkthroughs for more information.

When you initially set up your EAP you will be assigned to a product group that contains the assessments you purchased. To access this product group you sign into your account and you will see a list of your groups, select Manage to get started.This takes you to a menu that will allow you to manage products, examinees, administrators, and groups.


Figure 1. Sample of the dashboard menu for the group.

Once you have accessed your group, the next step is to manage this group by either adding examinees so that they can begin testing, or adding administrators if you have more than one administrator that needs access to the examinees. In addition, you may manage your examinees by creating a “new” group if you have separate semesters or more than one site and want to keep examinees in their own group. This is accomplished by copying the group. Copying a group is a feature that is used to create a new group that only copies the administrators from the source group to the copied group. This allows the administrator permission levels to be consistent across all your groups without cluttering your new groups with your old examinees or products. You can easily move examinees or products into your new group, or any other group by using the move or transfer features. This gives you the flexibility to organize your groups without having to worry about administrator permission levels.

Each group has one or more administrators that perform various actions. These actions can be customized by adding or removing permission levels. See the Administrator Permissions documentation to view the full list of administrator permissions.

EAP has all the management features that will allow you to easily use the EdITS products.