Adding Examinees

There are two ways to create an examinee, you can send them an email invitation or use a token. Each method has unique advantages depending on your situation.

Inviting Examinees

The easiest way to register examinees into the EAP is to send them an email invitation. This is the best method if your examinees have email addresses and you want them to take the assessments anywhere. If you prefer, you can purchase all products with “suppressed results”. This option allows you to control the release of the results to your examinees. When an examinee completes all the assessments, they will not have access to their results. You, as the administrator, will be able to view the results after they complete all the assessments and you can release their results to them.

To send an email invitation, click on the Manage button in your dashboard. Then click on the Invite Examinees button in the left-hand menu.

Invite Examinees Via Email Animation

Enter the email address or addresses separated by a comma in the box. The invitation will appear in the pending invitation list.

If you mistyped the email address, or the examinee never accepts the invitation, click on Revoke to revoke the invitation.

Using A Token

If your examinees do not have email addresses, or you are using the EAP in a classroom or group setting, the token method is the best way to create your examinees. First, note the token of the group you want to add an examinee into. Once you have this token, sign-out of the EAP using the menu in the upper right hand corner. Then return to the sign-in page. Click on the Sign Up link. Fill out the required information for your examinee. Then click the Sign-up button. After that, enter the token when prompted. This will assign a test to your examinee and associate them with your group.

Invite Examinees Via Token Animation

NOTE: If your examinee does not have an email address, we recommend you use an email address that you control. You can use the same email address multiple times in the system.

Bulk Upload

If you are testing a large group of examinees ahead of time, our support team can import a spreadsheet of examinees for you. Contact our support team for pricing and availability.