Adding Examinees

There are three ways to register an examinee, you can send them an email invitation, create a sign in for an examinee, or use a passcode.

Inviting Examinees

The easiest way to register examinees into the EAP is to send them an email invitation. This is the best method if your examinees have email addresses and you want them to take the assessments anywhere.

Invite Examinees Via Email Animation

To send an email invitation, click on the examinee symbol in the actions column in the group you want to invite them. This will show you a list of all the examinees in the group. Click on the tab that says, "Invite Examinees". Enter the email address or addresses separated by a comma if you want to invite multiple examinees. Select the product you want the examinee to complete, then click send invite. The invitation will appear in pending invitation list below.

If the examinee does not receive the email, you can click on the email symbol to resend the invitation.

If you entered an incorrect email address, or the examinee never accepts the invite, click on the X to revoke the invite. This will credit the product back to your group.

If you are out of products you will not be able to send an invitation.

Creating an Examinee

If your examinee does not have an email address, or you want to create their sign-in information, you can directly create an examinee in your group.

First click on the Examinee icon in the groups list. Then click on the tab that says, "Add Examinees". Fill out the information for your examinee and select the product you want to assign to them. Click the button "Add Examinee" to complete the process. Your examinee must sign-in under their username and password to take the test.

If your examinee does not have an email address, or does not want to provide one, check the box that says, "User does not have an email address". This will remove the field. However, both the administrator and the examinee will not be able to reset the password without an email address, in which case you must contact our customer service team.

Using a Passcode

If you are using the EAP in a classroom or group setting, the passcode method is the best way to create your examinees. To find your passcode click on the available products icon from the home page of your dashboard. There is a unique passcode for each type of product in your group. Direct your examinees to to create a sign in. Once they have created their sign in, they will be prompted to enter a passcode.

Invite Examinees Via Passcode Animation

Bulk Upload

If you are testing a large group of examinees ahead of time, our support team can import a spreadsheet of examinees for you. Contact our support team for pricing and availability.