Question: How do I know if I am qualified to order and administer your assessments?

Answer: You are generally qualified if you can show that you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Have completed graduate level training in psychology.

  2. Have prior experience administering assessments in a professional, business, or academic setting.

Read more specific information on ordering qualifications

Question: Do I need to purchase a separate Self-Interpretation Profile and Guide, or a Comprehensive Career Guide?

Answer: There are several scoring options for the COPSystem assessments. All of our inventories must be purchased with a norms booklet on which to plot the inventory scores. These norms booklets are available in three formats—Self-Interpretation Profile and Guide that may be used with a single inventory, Comprehensive Career Guide, which may be used with two or more of the inventories, or “combined Self-Scoring Booklet and Self-Interpretation Guide.

In most cases, assessments that include a built-in guide will be referred to as “combined Self-Scoring Booklet and Self-Interpretation Guide.” If the item you are ordering is labeled as such, you will not need to order a separate scoring component. The COPS-R and the COPS II are examples of this type of item. In cases where a separate norms booklet is required, you will see two distinct items, one labeled Self-Scoring Booklet and the other labeled Self-Interpretation Profile and Guide. The COPS and COPS-P are examples of this type of item.

If you are administering more than one COPSystem assessment, you can use the COPSystem Comprehensive Career Guide or the individual Self-Interpretation Profile and Guides. The Comprehensive Career Guide is useful for administrators who prefer to keep scores and interpretation in one booklet.

If you will be administering a single assessment, for example the COPS, it is more cost effective to order the COPS Self-Interpretation Profile and Guide rather than a Comprehensive Career Guide that scores all three. The Summary Guides are an option for summarizing results from combinations of assessments if the assessments were plotted on individual Self-Interpretation Profile and Guides.

Question: How long will it take to process my order?

Answer: Orders are usually filled and shipped within 48 hours of receipt. Shipping delays may occur in some circumstances; therefore, we advise our customers to allow two to three weeks for delivery. Overnight and second day air services are available. Customers are responsible for any additional freight charges. At your request an order may be shipped the same day it is received, provided it is received by 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Please indicate any special shipping instructions when placing your order. If you supply us with an email address at the time of ordering we will send you tracking information via email.

Question: Do you accept purchase orders?

Answer: We do accept purchase orders for billing on Net 30 terms. We prefer to receive a copy of the purchase order either via email at customerservice@edits.net or fax at 619-226-1666.

Question: Is it possible to place my order online?

Answer: Currently we accept orders via phone, fax or email. We are in the process of converting all of our assessments to an online format and at that time will have online ordering capability.

Assessment Information

Question: Where can I find reliability and validity information for the COPSystem assessments?

Answer: The reliability and validity information for all of our assessments may be found in the respective Technical Manuals for each assessment. A brief summary of the reliability and validity for the COPSystem assessments is located in the Resource Center.

Question: How long does it take to administer and score all three of the COPSystem assessments?

Answer: The COPS takes about 20-30 minutes to administer. The CAPS requires a minimum of 40 minutes (5 timed minutes for each of the eight tests) and usually requires about an hour to complete the entire battery. The COPES requires 20-30 minutes to complete.

Therefore, for all three assessments that comprise the COPSystem testing time is approximately two hours. Scoring requires about another hour and we recommend spending additional time on results interpretation.

Question: What is the reading level for the COPSystem assessments?

Answer: The COPS and COPS-R are written at a sixth grade reading level.

The COPS-II is written at a fourth grade reading level. The COPS-P is written at an eighth grade reading level.

The COPS-PIC is a non-reading inventory.

The CAPS battery is written at a sixth grade reading level; however, many of the CAPS tests require only minimal reading.

The COPES is written at about an eighth grade reading level.


Question: How do I prepare assessments for scoring after they have been administered?

Answer: You should arrange the booklets in the order that you would like the results returned. If examinees have taken all three COPSystem assessments, please ask each individual to put both the COPS and COPES booklets inside the CAPS booklet.

Please be sure to include a contact name and telephone number, the address for returning the results, and any special instructions you might have.

If you have prepaid scoring services it is helpful to include the relevant invoice number or your customer identification number. Otherwise, please include a purchase order, credit card information, or billing instructions. A Request for Scoring Services Worksheet is sent with machine-scoring test booklet orders.


Question: How do I obtain permission to reprint, reproduce, display, or use your test or test items?

Answer: You must request permission in writing if you would like to reprint, reproduce, or display any of our tests or test items (questions).

Your request may be sent to the attention of Permissions Department, at:
EdITS, PO Box 7234, San Diego, CA 92167.

Alternatively, your request may be emailed to us at: customerservice@edits.net .

Question: Once I have permission to use a test, may I make copies of it for research or educational purposes?

Answer: All of our instruments are protected by copyright law and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission.

When you purchase a test, it does not allow the purchaser to print and administer additional copies of the test. Regardless of whether the material is being used for educational or commercial purposes, the material may not be reproduced. Additionally, the Fair Use doctrine does not apply to consumable works, such as test booklets and answer sheets.

Question: If a test is longer than I would like, can I exclude items or scales? Can I develop my own version of a copyrighted test?

Answer: Our measures were developed to be used in their entirety. Therefore, we cannot allow you to selectively use items or scales. Use of selected scales may compromise the validity and reliability of the instrument. Many of our assessments are available in multiple formats, including short forms.

Please visit our product pages or contact us to learn more about the alternative forms and versions of a test that would be best for you. Additionally, copyright law dictates that the copyright holder is the only individual who may develop alternate versions (known as derivative works) of a given test.

Question: May I include a sample of a copyrighted instrument in my thesis/journal article?

Answer: In order to protect our copyright, we cannot grant permission to reproduce entire measures in publications, including any thesis, dissertation, or journal article. We may allow reproduction of a few sample test items for purposes of illustration.

Please obtain our written permission before publishing sample items in your work.

If you have additional questions, or your concern has not been adequately addressed, please contact EdITS so that we may help you find a resolution.


Question: What level of training is required to properly administer and score an EdITS assessment?

Answer: We often receive questions regarding the necessary qualifications to use the COPSystem assessments.

Although the COPS, CAPS, and COPES are not restricted tests, these assessments are intended for professional purposes and there are some basic requirements for administration, scoring, and interpretation.

We do restrict sales to those individuals whose background and education would enable them to use assessments appropriately. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university with some testing or career development classes is required. Members of the American Counseling Association (ACA), professional members of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and those employed by and ordering for an educational institution, hospital, research laboratory, or other related organization need not produce further evidence of qualifications. We do have a standard qualification form for individuals which may be downloaded. If you have any questions about the proper use of the COPSystem assessments or any other questions about our products, please contact us.

Question: How can I find additional training for scoring and interpretation?

Answer: Examiner’s Manuals are available for each of the COPSystem assessments. For other assessments, interpretation instructions are presented in each Manual.

For the COPSystem assessments, we offer a presentation designed to meet staff training needs. These Visuals focus on key concepts and best practices in scoring and interpretation, including client recommendations to increase career development.

A web-based tutorial is also available that covers similar topics related to the COPSystem.