New 2018 COPSystem Released

Announcing the new 2018 release of the COPSystem.

• Updated Norms
• Enhanced and Shortened COPES
• Completely new look and feel!

EdITS Gets a Makeover!

EdITS has exciting news! We will be rolling out a new
website, blog, and EAP in the near future. In the meantime,
keep an eye out for our updated testing materials and
comprehensive career guides!

Working Adults

The Dimensions of Self-Concept, Form W (DOSC-W) was created to extend self-concept assessment to the adult worker. This form of the instrument includes the scales from the original versions as well as an additional scale to assess job stress.

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Assessments for Elementary Schools

The COPS Intermediate Inventory (COPS II) provides a measure of interests based on knowledge of school subjects and activities common to students in the fourth grade and higher.

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Career Guidance

Our premiere career assessment package is the COPSystem career guidance program, which consists of the Career Occupational Preference System Interest Inventory (COPS), the Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS), and the Career Orientation Placement and Evaluation Survey (COPES).

A defining feature of this program is the unique way in which an individual's occupational interests, abilities, and work values are displayed together in a single concise Comprehensive Career Guide. A complete package is available at low cost, combining all three assessments and is available in a web-based or paper based format. Assessment results are organized into eight major career clusters, which are further grouped into Professional and Skilled level occupations and matched to job titles with the highest degree of compatibility to promote individualized career exploration.

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Psychological Assessments and Textbooks

In addition to our complete career component, we offer a variety of psychological inventories designed to assess personality, mood, self-actualization, and self-concept in the counseling, educational, and workplace setting. Measures of self-actualization and interpersonal relationships are designed to provide insights into the types of beliefs that guide human behavior and decision-making processes.

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Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our COPSystem, ordering, affiliates programs. etc.

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Interpretation Support

How to interpret your tests

Here you will find tutorials to help you interpret your assessment results.

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Research and Studies

Science and Practice

Designed to provide summaries of scholarly research and applied articles from a variety of sources to inform practitioners with empirically supported recommendations in the areas of assessment and counseling.

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Testing Supplements

EdITS Supplemental Test Information & Resources

Information related to the use of our assessments, including best practices, interpretation, and past research with the COPSystem and other psychological inventories.

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EdITS Career Development Newsletter

This section is designed to provide general information that relates to career and occupational development, assessment in education and counseling, and a variety of other areas, such as Career and Technical Education (CTE).

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