Legacy Products

Since our founding in 1962, EdITS has published and produced a wide range of products. As technology and society changes, EdITS changes as well. That means that some of our offerings have been discontinued. If you want to learn about alternative products, upgrades, or check remaining stock, please contact our customer service team. Please see our homepage for new offers and announcements, or view our full product catalog.

The following is a list of products that have been discontinued:

Bristol Social Adjustment Guides (BSAG) helped to diagnose the nature and extent of behavioral disturbances in children at school. No longer available.

Career Education Responsive to Every Student (CERES) was a full line of career education materials for grades K-12. It was a flexible program designed to work with existing curriculum providing a means of infusing career education into basic skills instruction.

Career Occupational Preference System Form R (COPS-R) was an alternate form of the COPS interest inventory. The COPS-R has been replaced by the updated version of COPS.

COPSystem Guidebook and Leaders Guide was a paper workbook designed to be used in a complete career guidance class with lessons to explain the interpretation of the COPSystem. No longer available.

Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) was a measure of personality traits that has been replaced by the more current EPQ-R.

Fear Survey Schedule (FSS) provided quantitative information about clients’ reactions to possible sources of maladaptive emotional reactions. The FSS was useful in tracing the antecedents of neurotic reactions and providing a basis for empowering clients to modify behavior. No longer available.

Guide for Standards-Based Classrooms was a performance-based assessment for teachers to examine their progress in shifting from activities-centered teaching to standards-based practice. No longer available.

Integrated Reporting and Interpretation Service (IRIS) was a software program used with a scanner to score machine-paper COPSystem assessments. This program is no longer supported and the paper is no longer in print. Limited sock is available, but the program has been replaced the COPSystem - VIA.

Handbook in Research and Evaluation third edition was a compilation of principles, methods and strategies useful in the planning, design and evaluation of research studies in the social and behavioral sciences.

School Environment Preference Survey (SEPS) was a measure of work role socialization as it occurs in the traditional school. No longer available.