Range: Ages 5-17, Kindergarten through 12th grade

Career Education Responsive to Every Student

  • Integrate career concepts into your existing curriculum
  • Help students discover the relationship between getting basic skills and getting a great job
  • Get parents and others in the community invested and involved in each student’s future

The Instructional Guide for Career Education Kit is designed to assist special education students in acquiring career information and the skills for occupational planning. Since career education is a life-long process, instructional activities begin at the primary level and extend through the secondary grades.

Early activities focus on promoting awareness while older students begin to explore options, learn about personal characteristics and prepare to enter the workplace. The six program goals mirror the eight competency areas highlighted in the CERES curriculum.

CERES Special Education Guidance Goals

Basic Skill Integration Guidance

Economic Self-Sufficiency
Learn about correct usage and understanding of money.

Ability to relate to the world in which they live and to cope adequately.

Academic Abilities
Develop skills and abilities required for participation in career activities.

Health and Safety
Develop habits and attitudes contributing to health, physical development, and general safety.

Civic Responsibility
Becoming a productive member of the community.

Family Living
Ability to develop career related skills supportive of sound family units.


CERES Special Education Material Grades K - 12

Item Code & Quantity Price
Instructional Guide for Career Education Kit* CER-IGC-K12 $ 390.50

* K-12: Kit contains 80 student objectives that address six career education goal areas for special education.

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