• Forms: Standard and Large Print
  • Range: Grades 6-12, college and adult
  • Norms: High school and college
  • Administration Time:
    • COPS (interests) - 20 Minutes
    • CAPS (abilities) - 50 Minutes
    • COPES (values) - 30 Minutes
  • Scoring Options:
    • Self-scoring using the COPSystem Comprehensive Career Guide
    • Web Based scoring provides immediate feedback.
    • Machine-scoring by ERAS
    • IRIS on-site scoring software provides immediate feedback

What is the COPSystem?

The COPSystem Career Measurement Package includes all of the materials you need to administer, score, and interpret the COPS Interest Inventory, CAPS ability battery, and the COPES work values survey. Interpretation of these measures is organized around an easy-to-use group of occupational clusters which represent all possible jobs. Results correspond to major sources of occupational information, related activities, skills needed, college majors, school planning, and available training programs.


  • Choose your method of scoring (web, machine, or self-scoring)
  • Personalize your assessments – take them all together or separately
  • Allows you to order one package with everything you need at a discounted price


The COPSystem Career Clusters

Science, Professional occupations involve responsibility for the planning and conducting of research. They include collecting and applying systematic accumulation of knowledge in the related branches of mathematical, medical, life and physical sciences.

Science, Skilled occupations involve observing and classifying facts in assisting in laboratory research and applying this information in the fields of medicine and life and physical sciences.

Technology, Professional occupations involve responsibility for engineering and structural design in the manufacture, construction, or transportation of products or utilities.

Technology, Skilled occupations involve working with one's hands in a skilled trade concerned with construction, manufacture, installation, or repair of products in related fields of construction, electronics, and mechanics.

Consumer Economics occupations involve the preparation and packaging of foods and beverages. They also include the production and care of clothing and textile products.

Outdoor occupations involve activities performed primarily out-of-doors. They include the growing and tending of plants and animals and the cultivation and gathering of crops and natural resources in the areas of agriculture and nature as in forestry, park service, fishing, and mining.

Business, Professional occupations include positions of high responsibility in the organization, administration, and efficient functioning of businesses and governmental bureaus. They involve finance and accounting, management, and business promotion.

Business, Skilled occupations involve sales, promotion, and marketing. They also include financial and organizational activities of businesses in regard to promotion of business.

Clerical occupations involve recording, posting, and filing of business records requiring great attention to detail, accuracy, neatness, orderliness, and speed. They include office work and contact with customers in keeping records.

Communication occupations involve language skill in the creation or interpretation of literature, or in the written and oral communication of knowledge and ideas.

Arts, Professional occupations involve individualized expression of creative or musical talent. They include the fields of design, fine arts, and performing arts.

Arts, Skilled occupations involve application of artistic skill in the fields of photography, graphic arts, and design.

Service, Professional occupations include positions of high responsibility in caring for the personal needs and welfare of others in fields of social service, health, and education.

Service, Skilled occupations involve providing services to persons and catering to the tastes, desires, and welfare of others in fields of personal service, social and health related services, and protection and transportation.


Web-based Career Measurement

Also available in Spanish. Please specify when ordering if you want the Spanish format.

Item Code Quantity Price
EAP COPSystem (includes COPS, CAPS, COPES, Career Briefs and results) EAP-137-025
500 +
EAP COPSystem (includes COPS, CAPS, COPES, Career Briefs and suppressed results) EAP-127-025
500 +
Set-up fee (Initial set-up fee and one year of technical support) Set-up Fee $ 75.00

Self-Scoring Career Measurement

The self-scoring form of the COPSystem Career Measurement package includes the COPS, CAPS, and COPES inventories as well as the Comprehensive Career Guide.

Item Code & Quantity Price
COPS (Jr-Sr High School or College, please specify) COP-CSS-025-H or C
COP-CSS-100-H or C
COP-CSS-500-H or C

Machine-Scoring Career Measurement

The machine-scoring form of the COPSystem Career Measurement package includes the COPS, CAPS, and COPES, and basic machine-scoring services. This package may be purchased with the COPS as the interest component.

Item Code & Quantity Price
COPS* (Jr-Sr High School or College, please specify) COP-CMS-025

* Interpretive Career Guides may be returned with either test booklets or at the time of scoring.

Related Items

COPSystem Support Material

Item Code & Quantity Price
Career Briefs Database EAP-100-001 1-24
EAP-100-025 25-99
EAP-100-100 100-499
EAP-100-500 500+
Set of 14 Wall Charts COP-WCC-ILL $ 62.25
Pocket Cluster Charts COP-PCC-025

* Please call for available quantities in these packages.

COPSystem Visuals

The COPSystem Visuals are available for all forms of the COPS, CAPS, and COPES combined. They are available in both self-scoring and machine-scoring formats and may be purchased as a paper copy or a PowerPoint™ presentation. The Visuals are an ideal tool for counselor training and/or group interpretation.

Item Code & Quantity Price
COPSystem (COPS, CAPS, and COPES combined) COP-VIS-SYS $ 48.00
COPS-R System (COPS-R, CAPS, and COPES combined) CPR-VIS-SYS $ 48.00

COPSystem Specimen Sets

Item Code & Quantity Price
COPSystem* COP-SPC-SYS $ 60.00
COPS-R System* CPR-SPC-SYS $ 60.00

* Includes one copy of all forms and all Manuals.


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