Standards-Based Classrooms

  • Forms: Checklist
  • Range: Teachers
  • Length: 88 items
  • Administration Time: 10 - 15 minutes
  • Scoring Options: Self-scoring

  • Concise, easy-to-use Handbook
  • Research proven activities
  • K-12 classroom examples

Standards-Based Practice: Bringing Academic Success to all Students

The Guide for Standards-Based Classrooms is a performance-based assessment for teachers to examine their progress in shifting from activities-centered teaching to standards-based practice.

There are five components identified in the Guide. Each one provides four to five essential indicators for a total of 88 items and can be used to establish a baseline performance level as a standards-based practitioner. The results from the assessment reflect a “teaching practice profile.”

After identifying a plan of action from the profile, teachers can use the companion reference, A Practical Handbook to Standards-Based Classrooms for professional development.

The Handbook is designed to complement the five components in the Guide and offers research proven professional development activities and classroom examples for grades K-12.

The Guide for Standards-Based Classrooms and the Handbook are designed to encourage self-reflection and support coaching activities within a learning community.

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Standards-Based Classrooms Materials

Item Code & Quantity Price
Introductory Kit (Includes one Guide for Standards-Based Classrooms, one Profile Sheet and one Practical Handbook to Standards-Based Classrooms.) SBG-KIT-001 $ 33.00
Practical Handbook to Standards-Based Classrooms (A Handbook with activities for professional development and examples for classroom application.) SBG-HBK-030
Guide for Standards-Based Classrooms (A checklist and Profile Sheet for self-reflection.) SBG-CRT-030

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