Advanced Examinee Management

There are several advanced examinee features available. You can move examinees between groups, assign additional products to an examinee, or reset a password.

Assigning Additional Products

You can assign additional tests to an examinee by clicking on the Assign link. This will open a pop-up with a drop down of all the available products in your group. Select the product from the dropdown and click the Assign button. This will give the examinee an additional product.

Moving Examinees

If you have created multiple groups, you can move examinees into another group. Navigate to the Examinees List (Dashboard -> Manage -> Examinees). Then click on the Move link in the Actions column of the examinee you want to move. Pick the destination group from the dropdown and click the Transfer button at the bottom of the pop-up. This will move the examinee along with all their assigned products to the new group.

Resetting a Password

If your examinee forgets their password, and they have an email address in the system, you can reset the password. Click on Reset Password and a temporary password will be sent to the examinee’s email address.