Available Product Management

All products on the EdITS assessment platform have two states, assigned and available. Assigned products are products that an examinee has in their dashboard. Available products are the products you can assign to an examinee.

To view the available products you have in your group, click on Manage from the dashboard, then click on Products from the left hand menu. This will open the product screen. This screen shows a list of products in this group, the amount available to assign, the token associated with the product, and actions you can perform on this product.

Transferring Products

If you have multiple groups, you can transfer products between two groups by clicking Transfer. Enter the amount and then select the destination group into the pop up. Press enter and your products will be transferred.

Exchanging Products

Examinees can only view their results if they have completed all the assessments within the product. If you want to give one test within a system of products, for example just the COPES portion of the COPSystem, you must contact our customer service team before your examinee begins testing. We cannot exchange products that have been started.

We also have time-and-a-half, or double time accommodations available for any timed test. However, you must contact our customer service team prior to testing to set up this option.

Recovering Incomplete Tests

In the event that an examinee does not start a test, EdITS can return these assigned, but unused products to you. However, if the examinee has started a test, we are not able to return it to your available products.