Viewing Examinee's Results

There are two ways to view examinee results. You can view the status of all results in the group by clicking on Results from the left hand menu. Alternatively, you can click on Results in the examinee’s list screen.

View Results Animation 1


View Results Animation 2

Results have five states: New, Launch, Resume, Pending, and Results.

  • New – indicates that the examinee has not started the product.
  • Resume – indicates the product is started but not finished.
  • Launch – indicates product has been viewed/used.
  • Pending – indicates the product has been finished and scored but the administrator has not released the results.
  • Results – indicates that the product is finished and available for viewing.

In order to view the results of an inventory, the examinee must complete all the assessments. You cannot view results in the "Resume" state.

Releasing Results

If you purchased products with results suppressed, the examinee will not get their results when they complete the assessment. Only the administrator can view a pending results. However, you can release the results to the examinee by clicking on the Release Results link. You can release the results at any time before or after the testing process. Remember, once you release the results, it cannot be undone.

Release Results Animation

Entering the MSD Scores

The Manual Speed and Dexterity (MSD) is the last test of the Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS). Your examinees can either self estimate their responses, or print out and take the test. If you are scoring the MSD for your examinee, you can enter their results by clicking on the Enter MSD link. This will open a window where you will enter the score, and adjust the gender and grade level for the examinee. The gender and grade level determines the norm group that will be used for scoring.

Enter MSD

You can enter the MSD scores at any time. This will cause the test to be rescored with the new values if it is finished.